Fabric Cutting

Are you starting a project with a deadline and don’t have the time to spend hours cutting?  Do you love piecing quilt tops, but hate the tedious fabric cutting?

Briny Bee’s studio-sized cutter can cut fabric pieces for your quilting or applique projects in a fraction of the time it would take with a rotary cutter.

And the best part is the accuracy!  Perfect cutting is absolutely required for perfect projects, but is difficult to do without a precision cutter.

With Briny Bee’s cutting services there will be no more bends or distortion in the middle of your long strips; no more blocks that just don’t measure up.

Even odd shaped or sized fabric pieces for applique or quilting can be provided, however, please note that they may require more notice than common shapes and strips.  Just check with us to get estimated delivery times for unusual shapes and sizes.

Fabric Cutting