Gunked Up Iron?

Gunked Up Iron? Try Dryer Sheets
Pat Cole - Briny Bee
Pat Cole
June 30, 2021

Recently I was working on a t-shirt quilt, ironing stabiizer on the back of the fabric, when my iron seemed to grow brakes. As it refused to move, I realized I had ironed the wrong side (the glue side) of the stabilizer, and the iron was all gunked up.  After several unsuccessful cleaning attempts, I went to the Internet and found a simple solution that worked great – iron a dryer sheet. After just a few seconds of ironing the dryer sheet, the iron was completely clean and shiny.  I used Bounce brand because that’s what I had on hand, but I imagine any brand (or off-brand) dryer sheet would probably work. Now this might be something everybody knew but me, but I thought I would share just in case!